Need a suite more than 45 days from now? Consider our advanced reservation program.

We do operate on a "notice to vacate" system. Our guests provide a notice to vacate no less than 30 days in advance of departure. For that reason we do not yet know all of the suites that will be available a couple months out. We might know of some now, but we will receive vacate notices up to 30-days before your date of need and some surprises even later. It's likley we will have something for you, but we just don't know which suites will be available beyond 30-45 days from now.
You have some options.
Option 1: Browse our listings HERE to see what may interest you. Be sure to click on the photo of any particular suite (even if not currently available) to see more photos of that exact suite, furnishings and views from the window (we are known for having great views). Also, don't miss the "read more" link for each specific suite which will display more information and pricing. Please note that pricing of currently available suites might be special or season rates. Generally, prices are a tad higher for the Spring and summer. Just keep coming back to see what is available. That might be a bit of a hassle and you might miss out on the right aprtment.
Option 2: You can set an availability alert on suites you like. Under any suite markes as "leased" (not available) there is a link that allows you to set an alert for when that suite comes available. This option is not available for suits currently available. 
Option 3: Enter our Advanced Reservation Program (ARP) for people looking well in advance for a suite coming available, especially during the high demand time of year. The program allows you the first choice of suites as they come available near your arrival date before we make them available to the public. You get the opportunity to accept or decline each one as they are offered. The program offers a $100 discount on the first month's rent and is risk free. It does require a $250 refundable deposit which is applied to your move-in charges or refunded if you cancel for any reason.
Here is how the advanced reservation program works: 
  • Please submit your deposit HERE [$250] - refunded if you cancel for any reason. This deposit is 1/2 the total deposit required to book a suite. 
  • No personal information is collected at this time (like credit and background checks).
  • You receive $100/mo off the first month's rent if lease a suite from us.
  • As we receive a notice to vacate for your date range, you are first in line for it.
  • You can decline or accept a suite as we offer it. After 24 hours we assume a "decline" if no response.
  • If you decline we will send you notification of the next suite that comes open. Again, you get first choice.
  • If you do not select any unit or you cancel for any reason (including finding a different place to live) you get 100% of your deposit back.
  • If you do want to book a suite offered under the program then you will submit another $250 for a reservation deposit (making it $500 total). That $500 will become your refundable security deposit at move-in. You will alo complete a rental application at the time of booking.
  • So - it means we can't guarantee you a suite, but there is no risk if we can't come up with one for you. It is highly unlikely that nothing will come open. This is the best way to stack the deck in your favor. This program does not prevent you from searching for other options and you are not obligated to accept options we send you. We understand that you need to secure a place. Note that our prices are a few hundred less than competitors while we have better suites in buildings that they are likely not even in. That's why they even rent from us too. Prices tend to rise in the spring and summer and are subject to change.
  • If more than one person is registered in the program for the same date range, we will offer the suite in order of the ARP deposit date. 
  • Let us know you placed the deposit and we will send you an advanced reservation program reservation form via Docusign. The form allows you to rank your favorite buildings, sumbit you desired date range and let us know of other needs you wish to share.
  • Place your ARP deposit HERE [$250.00].


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